Sheasalve is an excellent choice for all skin conditions including cradle cap, nappy rash and thrush in babies and small children.
Highly recommended for massage of arthritic joints and sore muscles, relief of sunburned skin.
Excellent for dry scalp, damaged hair or nails. Melt in hands and massage into hair and scalp before washing
Sheasalve is also used in the after care of tattoos to promote healing and condition the inked skin, containing only pure Shea Butter, Sheasalve also enriches the colour of ink.
An excellent natural after shave balm.

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Beauty Result:
Recommended by Dermatologists
Excellent every day moisturiser
Ideal for use on children
Contains anti-ageing and anti wrinkle properties
Effective in revitalising and moisturising dry or hardened skin
Highly recommended for relief of sunburned skin and nappy rash
Highly recommended for dry scalp, damaged hair or nails
Ideal soothing and conditioning shaving balm
Promotes healing and enriches newly tattooed skin

Directions for use:
Sheasalve can be used all over the body. Melt in hand before applying
Avoiding eye contact
Keep and use at room temperature
Keep out of direct sunlight
For maximum benefit regular use is highly recommended
Melt in palm of hands and apply to body as often as desired

Shea Butter

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